NPHET To Consider Wearing of Masks For Primary School Children

No masks for primary schools. Do you agree?

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No Vaccine Passports Ireland. Do you agree?

Please sign the petition  –

National Parents Council

Primary School – Email – – Phone 01- 8874477

Post Primary – Email – , – Phone 01-8623346

Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form

Declaration: I have no reason to believe that my Child has an infectious disease and that I have followed all medical and public health guidelines with respect to the exclusion of my child from educational facilities. [tick box]

Parents Responses

“It’s ridiculous – tick a meaningless box or we’ll exclude your child.”

“In my opinion they are treating kids like biohazards. I’m sick of it. The constant masks in school and dystopian social distancing is bad enough”

“They treat parents as children too. Why sign a form ? We are adults who know what to do if our child is sick. It’s been a year now”

“Schools can make up their own rules. The school of music in Cork, part of a publicly funded university, forced everyone to wear them from the age of 7. We had to take our child out.”

“I wrote a registered letter to the school receiving a copy of a risk assessment that was carried out before Dept of Ed implemented the compulsory mask wearing in school. I also wrote notice of liability to school and Min Foley. I haven’t received the assessment from either. My deductions are that no one cares about the impact of masks on our kids despite all the evidence of harm. School principals have reneged on their duty of care as has every parent that complies.”

“The school advised pupils that they don’t have to wear their uniform so as to ensure clothes are changed daily. My daughter was super excited and chose her outfit carefully as girls do. Her teacher/principal commented that her hoody was lovely but if she wanted to wear it again tomorrow (today) she was to ensure it was washed! 

Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive here but my daughter was clearly upset and didn’t want to go to school today. There were so many outfit changes this morning and with the uniforms no longer mandatory she won’t revert to wearing her uniform because none of the other pupils are. I’m so tempted to say something to the school about making these comments. Children have been tarnished already as “germ spreaders” and unclean and a comment on her clothes being clean was in my opinion not on”

“NPHET doesn’t have legislative powers. They can’t mandate anything. A lot of these firms and protocols are being slipped in without any legal or legislative authority. If people refuse to sign they can’t be forced to do it. If children are then excluded from school, there’s your legal action straight away

Toeing the line in filling out these forms now will lead to testing of children for covid weekly in schools, perpetuating mask wearing (which is intolerable all through the school day for young people) and sooner rather than later required Vaccination  and requirements for vaccination certification to attend school. Seems to me we have to stand firm now on the forms and every step afterwards. Primary and secondary school children will not be able to tolerate this way of fear infused schooling anyway.”

My child is a shadow of herself, pale and black circles under her eyes when she comes back from school. She intentionally missed lessons and this is because she hates school “new normal” rules. I am now doing my research into taking her out of the school for homeschooling because the way all this is going you have to be blind or simply not care about your child”

“There needs to be pressure put on government to disband NPHET”

“Yes I’ve written to my teenagers schools about the masks but all you get is the standard reply about following HSE guidelines. We need to change the mask wearing policy in secondary schools as well because the masks are doing untold damage to our teenagers. It was obvious from the replies that they hadn’t even read the information I included

“Our secondary school has a policy (reluctantly implemented after parental pressure) that kids can wear face shields if they need to.. but teenagers being teenagers, none of them wanted to be the ‘weird one’ so peer pressure takes over. There are very many kids who will shame those for not wearing masks…so the change needs to come from the top by repeatedly pressuring ministers and the NPCPPI ( with evidence. Unfortunately the ‘WHO advises’ line is the killer blow. But anyone who has a teenager knows the immediate physical effects of masking (headaches, tiredness, poor concentration, skin conditions) and the less obvious ( introversion, negative effects on communication and social connection)”

Letter Template

Dear [names],

I am writing to you regarding my daughter, [name], who is due to return to year [number] in September. [Name] has been very happy at [school name] and is looking forward to returning next month. Thanks to you and the other staff for everything you’ve done to make her journey there so far a happy one.

However, both she and I have some concerns that we would like to address in writing before term commences. In the first instance and as you know, I do not consent to vaccines for [name], and now that she is approaching an age where she may be considered Gillick competent, it is important to underline she does not consent to them, either. She understands the risks and benefits of vaccinations, and chooses not to receive them. Affixed to this letter is a short written statement from [name] confirming this. I know that there can sometimes be confusion on vaccination days and children who have been opted out of vaccination nevertheless receive them, and that Sometimes all vaccination days happen without warning, so I just felt for extra peace of mind for me and [name], we would make clear our position formally and in writing before term begins.

Leading on from this are the other protocols the school may be putting in place as a response to the coronavirus situation. I do not feel that schools are the place for medical processes to take place, and I only allow trusted healthcare professionals to conduct medical procedures on my daughter. Therefore, I do not consent to my daughter receiving any coronavirus testing at school. If she develops symptoms of illness, I will keep her at home as I would with any other illness, and arrange any necessary testing or treatment myself.

I also do not consent to my daughter using hand sanitiser. Hand sanitisers contain powerful chemicals that permeate the skin and enter the bloodstream, as well as being implicated in causing dermatitis and destroying vital beneficial bacteria on the skin – essential for maintaining a strong immune system. I do not consent to this product being used on my daughter for any reason, and only consent to her washing her hands with conventional soap and water.

If the school intends to temperature-check the children, I do not consent to my daughter being tested at the forehead with an infrared thermometer gun. I am not comfortable with the psychological connotations of my daughter repeatedly having a gun pointed at her head, and there may also be short and long-term safety issues with aiming this instrument directly at a developing brain. Therefore, I only consent to my daughter being temperature checked at the wrist.

  My daughter and I also do not give our consent to participating in the NHS track and trace scheme, and do not want our contact details passed over to the NHS or any other agency for the purposes of tracking and tracing. Any agency having or using our data without our consent is in breach of the GDPR and therefore illegal.

I do not know what the school’s policy will be on mask-wearing, but I wish to make clear the legal position on masks, which is that those suffering hidden disabilities are exempt, and under the Equalities Act 2010 and Disabilities Discrimination Act, it is illegal to ask someone if they have a hidden disability or what it is. Therefore, were the school to mandate masks, it would be illegal for them to ask any pupil why they were not wearing one. It would also be incumbent on the school to instruct all pupils and staff on the law regarding masks and exemptions, to ensure nobody without a mask is discriminated against, which is illegal under the Equalities Act and could result in the school being sued.

Thank you for your support.

Research and reporting below.

Response Letter

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

As you know, it appears that NPHET will be considering the subject of masking young children in the very near future. As I, and all members of the public, have absolutely no ability to contact NPHET and converse with them, the public have no ability to be part of the decision making processes that affect our children. 

I have presented to you a considerable body of evidence against masking young children. I expect the NPC,  as our only access point, to represent our school children at this level of decision making, and that this evidence will be assessed and evaluated properly and any counter decision be backed by considerable evidence. Any harm done to our children as a result of masking will be the responsibility of the government. 

Twitter Propaganda

Some of the people spreading ideas like the examples below don’t realise the origin of where that idea came from. So there is a danger that a meme like “children should wear masks” gains sufficient momentum through propaganda efforts, this is not limited to just Twitter or social media, this applies to all forms of propaganda.

The meme originates with people who are already open to further suggestions. The chance of such a detrimental meme proliferating increases when combined with censorship, isolation, compliance and self-policing through shaming which leads to self-censorship.

Propaganda Tweets

Max Parlione@mparlion “In the same way children are wearing masks in other countries like France, Italy, Singapore and so on. Not easy and it will be imperfect but this is the current recommendation from the ECDC in areas where there is high incidence.”

noelle morrison@noelle4humans “I can’t believe the outrage here. Kids all over the world have been wearing masks in school all year. And they’re fine. In fact they’re better than many adults. We’re in a pandemic and you don’t want your “precious” to be safe?”

Ann Fitzpatrick@AnnFitz30236677 “Def think this should be introduced, kids don’t care and any extra protection to keep our kids safe should be welcomed”

mm #wecanbezero@muinteoirmama “It’s about time this was introduced ,we are behind most other countries in that respect.”

Noreen Devine@NoreenDevine6 “Have to say, this would be great, it seems other eu countries do it too”

Countering Propaganda

The results of the first German study on children and teenagers wearing mouth and nose coverings reveal 68%  complain of wearing a mask.

Irritability (60%), Headaches (53%), Difficulties concentrating (50%), Sadness (49%)

Reluctance to attend school (44%), Malaise (42%), Impaired learning  (38%), Fatigue and drowsiness (37%) ISAG Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty” – Zero Covid document

Gript reveals that members of the Zero-Covid advocacy group ISAG have recently been instructed to “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty.” The revelation comes from a trove of hundreds of emails, draft documents, and ISAG internal communications that were recently leaked to Gript. ISAG members were instructed to “review and internalise” instructions to “look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and uncertainty”, and to “go after people and not institutions” because “people hurt faster than institutions.”  

The instructions were shared to the group by Professor Anthony Staines, one of the founders of ISAG, in a note titled, “Notes from 2020-02-08 ISAG meeting”. The note reminded ISAG members of the importance of ridicule as “man’s most powerful weapon” and that “the threat of a thing is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” ISAG members, many of whom are regular guests in Irish media, were told that they could count on “imagination” to “dream up many more consequences” than themselves. 

These instructions are based on Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, which argues that the creation of conflict is necessary for activists to succeed and that organisers should find, or create, an “enemy” who can be singled out, personally blamed for everything that has gone wrong, and attacked and ridiculed unmercifully – regardless of if the chosen “enemy” actually bears responsibility for the things you are blaming them for. The book tells organisers to allow “no middle ground.”

Interestingly a copy of Alinsky’s Rules was sent to ISAG by Dr Gabriel Scally, a Northern Irish public health physician best known in the Republic for authoring the Scally Review into CervicalCheck. Dr Scally is involved with the Zero-Covid advocacy group Independent SAGE and has made numerous comments to Irish media on the need to support the adoption of Zero-Covid policies within Ireland. Independent SAGE was set up as a left-wing alternative to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) which is advising the British Government.

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