Message From The Ministry of Truth

Beware of The New Movement

There is a grassroots movement on Telegram who have setup a website ​​ This movement doesn’t seem to discriminate against people who consider masks or vaccines to be an effective strategy. The only thing this radical movement seems to care about is the future and wellbeing of the children of Ireland. They are making ridiculous suggestions such as children shouldn’t wear masks in school”.​ They also make outlandish claims such as children shouldn’t need to breath 10 times more carbon dioxide than they need to”​. That this somehow causes irreversible damage in a growing child’s brain”.​ What this group fails to understand is t​hat we will never go back to normal.​

Achieving Zero Covid

These necessary “freedom eroding restrictions” are in place for our well-being. Without such sacrifices Ireland would never achieve Zero Covid. We need to expand our Zero Covid strategy so that it is all encompassing. If you can think of any few remaining freedoms that still give you a small morsel of joy, please contact us and we will consider how to go about removing them.

You Can’t Have Those Days Again

The ministry strongly encourages that your kids remain homeschooled. However If you have no other choice and need to send your child to school then you must take every precaution. One mask is not enough for your child, we suggest three but two will suffice. Smiles and childhood friends are a thing of the past if we all want to achieve Zero Covid in Ireland.

You will not be able to travel to see beloved family members overseas until you have this necessary and safe vaccine that is experimental and still in trial-phase. This is for your own wellbeing.

You won’t be meeting friends for a chat and a coffee, in a country with a Zero Covid strategy everyone must make sacrifices. With this strategy you will find that your friends won’t even want to go out and socialise with you. Such friends are to be applauded because they are helping stop the spread of covid by self-isolating. However if these friends are not vaccinated, then they should be shamed. If you are vaccinated, then we encourage you to instill “vaccine envy” within those friends. This can be done through Social Media Platforms, by sharing photos of you and your vaccinated friends enjoying temporary freedom.

A Brighter Future

In the future, there will be scenarios where a single person tests positive for a new Covid variant in your local town or city. The only reasonable thing to do in this situation will be to do “targeted lockdowns”. In the year 2022, you will find yourself asking the question ​“Why are we in lockdown again?”.​ The answer to that question will be ​“It’s not the governmentthat’s doing it, it’s the new variants!”​. The real culprits here though are those selfish people who think they have “inalienable rights to travel”. Holding onto such rights might have been possible in 2021 when there was still a chance, but now in the year 2022, all such liberties have been completely eradicated from the Irish constitution because the people of Ireland did nothing. The main reason for this was due to the demoralising effects of endless months of severe lockdowns. This combined with endless propaganda, fear mongering and censorship, the Irish simply lost the spirit to fight or even recognise tyranny.

By dangling the carrot of freedom in front of them through means of vaccination, they sat around and watched Netflix month after month, ​hoping​ for a brighter future in an ever darkening one. The people who were in support of the vaccine never stopped to ask themselves (In a country with a Zero Covid strategy) “what about the new variants?” “Will our government use new variants as an excuse to keep the vaccinated people locked down?”​. Because this alternative seemed so dark and impossible, they put it out of their minds and shamed their friends who could see tyranny for what it was.

Now in the year 2023 the dictatorship of Ireland is happy to report that we will be entering our 36th month of lockdown due to the latest variation of the “Galway Variant”, we are now one step closer to achieving “Zero Covid” in Ireland.

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